2018年度 都市工学科卒業制作優秀作品『坂道世界-高輪に息づく杜と暮らし』Selected diploma project from 2018, “It’s a SLOPE WORLD - Proposal of lives and greens with rich terrains in Takanawa, Tokyo”


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都市工学専攻Department ofUrban Engineering

2018年度 都市工学科卒業制作優秀作品『坂道世界-高輪に息づく杜と暮らし』
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Takanawa is a city with rich terrain. As you enter the alley from the main street, you will find life along the slope. I named “SLOPE WORLD” the living and townscape that are protected by trees in  temples and shrines and spread along the topography.
The alleys and houses with various forms come together as a townscape. There, people have helped, shared and lived for a long time. The important thing of the proposal is to bring out the value and loveliness of living and the townscape that has been protected with trees while solving problems in the hill world.
The approach to Sengaku-ji temple is the entrance to “SLOPE WORLD” The houses in the depression behind the trees were designed to have a gathering place in the innermost part, changing the role of the stairs following the upper arterial road from a passage to a resting place. Even if the buildings are renewed, they will continue to live in a community that supports and shares each other. The park here should include the trees. A gentle slope helps move up and down. The playground is expected to expand into hills and lowlands, and become a park where you can enjoy the terrain itself.

Production: Emiri Funakoshi
Collection: Territorial Design Studies Unit, Department of Urban Engineering, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Diploma project in 2018. In the residential area on the west side of Takanawa Gateway Station, there are rich terrains that were once a coastline, with beautiful slopes and greenery. This is a proposal for urban rehabilitation design in the "slope world", based on analysis of regional structure and townscape.



2018年度 都市工学科卒業制作優秀作品『坂道世界-高輪に息づく杜と暮らし』