完全自作の3Dプリンター3D Printer Made by Students


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精密工学専攻Department of Precision Engineering

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This 3D Printer is a photo-curing type. The light of commercial projectors includes ultraviolet light which has a shorter wavelength than visible light.
This 3D Printer uses a special liquid resin. The resin changes from liquid to a solid state after it is irradiated by ultraviolet light. Since the projector is used, any image can be created. Thusly, create a series of cross-sectional views from the 3D data, then, input each of those created images to the projector. The resin is solidified for each cross-section according to the image. By moving it slowly in the vertical direction, a three-dimensional object is fabricated.
Although the equipment and software are all handmade, we were able to produce 3D objects with the same level of accuracy as any commercially available 3D Printer.

3D Printer made by students
Size: 800×600×350
Production: Members of Seimitsu Lab. in May festival in 2014
Collection: Department of Precision Engineering, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
A photo-curing type 3D printer. Once a cross-section dataset of a 3D model is sent from a PC to the printer, each section is fabricated by solidifying photopolymer liquid resin with UV light, to make the 3D object layer by layer.